08 May 2017

Seedrs to launch secondary market for crowdfund investors

In a statement, Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, said: "Secondary markets are challenging to operate successfully, and we are very conscious of our obligation. That is why we are launching this product in beta form initially, so that we can observe behavior and make improvements as we go."

In the same statement, Tim Levene, managing partner at one of Seedrs' core investors, Augmentum Capital, claimed the "announcement today (Monday) is a game changer for the equity crowdfunding space."

"In order for the industry to truly scale," he said, "a secondary market is essential. It will create a real opportunity to provide early investors with returns, and make this asset class more attractive to new investors." The theory is that more investors will be attracted if they know they can get their money out fast – provided there is a buyer.

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17 Mar 2017

UK fintech lobby dispatches envoys to preach the gospel

The UK-based lobby group for the fintech startup community has appointed eight special envoys to help spread its message of financial innovation around the world.

Innovate Finance, which represents around 200 UK startups, announced those involved in it Goodwill Ambassador Programme in a statement today.

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