Our Philosophy

We set a very high quality bar when choosing which businesses to back and consequently we aim to make just a handful of new investments each year. We always look to back entrepreneurs and businesses that we believe have the potential to become leaders in their industry.

We invest for the long term. We are patient and seek to maximise the potential of our businesses rather than limit their upside in the pursuit of short term gains.

We aim to seek out and nurture relationships with entrepreneurs, investing only when the time is right for their business.

Our success is driven by the success of the businesses we invest in, rather than by how much we invest and how many investments we make. We believe our approach gives us complete alignment of interests with our management teams.

Style & Contribution

We are always actively involved with our portfolio companies without getting in the way of our management teams in the day-to-day running of their businesses. Having been on the other side of the fence we understand the fine line between investor help and hindrance and strive to never cross it.

We focus our attention on the most important issues and try to help our management teams do the same and not get distracted by the details. We enjoy working with our management teams and helping them develop their strategy and grow their business.

We have an extensive network of entrepreneurs and executives across many industries and in many regions. Our network can be accessed by our management teams and can help them
refine their products and strategies, develop strategic partnerships, enter new markets and meet potential investors, customers and advisors.

Partnering With Us

We are looking for established fast growing UK and European businesses in the FinTech sector.

The businesses we invest in must stand out from the crowd whether that be due to a unique or disruptive business model, first mover advantage or by being best of breed.

We like to get to know entrepreneurs as early as possible, ideally before they are ready to raise finance, and will help in any way we can with a view to building a long term relationship.

We typically look to invest in Series A or Series B and aim for a significant minority shareholding.

Tim Levene
Richard Matthews